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After going through several bands, he is a founding member of Unbound in 2006. Since then he has been active in that formation, participating in their two albums, and in all therecordings for compilations and videos that the band has made.

During 2020 he focused on developing his most personal project, Artaban’s Redemption, where he unleashed his imagination to build a story based on the purest essence of classic Power Metal.



After going through several projects, Elena enters Third Dimension, and records with themher second album «Conspiracy Theory» (2015), which was one of the best power metalalbums of a Spanish band in recent years, which led them to step on the stages of the mostimportant festivals on the national scene.

Third Dimension dissolves and she enters Lethargus, with a more progressive touch andwhere the keyboards acquire much more prominence. They release «Origen» (2019) and do their corresponding tour. For 2021 Lethargus promises new material, with her.



Roberto is a solid drummer known throughout Europe for being in charge of the percussion for Dark Moor since 2007. Tarot (2007), Autumnal (2009), Ancestral Romance (2010), Ars Musica (2013), Project X (2015) and Origins (2018); six albums with thisband and numerous tours endorse his impressive career, apart from the numerous collaborations and parallel
projects in which he participates.



Francesco is a well known bass player in Italy for his work on Vexillum. He has participated in this band’s four albums from 2011 to 2021. A solid Power-Folk Metal group that has toured with the most prestigious international bands.

Since 2019 he has been part of Freedom Call, recording with them the work M.E.T.A.L.(2019) and doing the subsequent tour.



Ivan goes through multiple projects until he lands in Derdian, where he records Limbo (2013) and Human Reset (2014) and DNA (2018). He combined this with Vision Divine, a mythical European Power Metal band, with whom he has released two singles to date in 2018 and 2019, and finally the album When all the heroes are Dead (2019).

Apart from this, he collaborates with multiple bands and projects and has his own projectthat bears his name, he uploads a lot of material to his YouTube channel.


Dan Diez (Tierra Santa)

Made the solo on Time for War. He mixed and mastered our EP. Tierra Santa, Red Wine, Zenobia, … A legend of the Spanish metal.


Sergio Marty (Unbound)

Made the final solo on Never Again. Amazing guitar player of Unbound in the last six years

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